Vermont Governor Thinks Legalization Deal Still Achievable Before Veto Session

Vermont Governor Thinks Legalization Deal Still Achievable Before Veto Session

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Vermont just might get another chance at legalizing recreational marijuana. According to the Associated Press, Vermont Gov. Phil Scott has said that he still thinks it’s possible to reach a legalization deal before the legislature meets for a special two-day veto session.

“[Lawmakers] understand … what my reservations are in terms of what they’re planning, but I still think it’s workable,” Scott said on June 15, 2017, as reported by the Associated Press.

Although he vetoed S.22, the measure which would have legalized recreational marijuana in Vermont, Scott has stated consistently that he is not opposed to the idea of legalization, but did have concerns with how the bill was crafted.

According to Vermont Press Bureau, Scott has accepted many of the changes to S.22 offered by lawmakers, such as defining what a “public space” means and clarifying that there are some situations where law enforcement officers can seize marijuana.

The provisions that Scott has contested are relatively minor. For example, Scott wants the measure to further clarify the penalties for providing marijuana to minors and is seeking to create a marijuana commission that has a broader range of professional representation than what was outlined originally.

Speaking with the Vermont Press Bureau, Sen. Dick Sears expressed confidence that a legalization deal could be reached.

“I think it’s workable,” Sears said. “The response has generally been somewhat positive. A little confusion about some of the points he makes and trying to make sure we get it all right.”

The two-day special veto session is scheduled to begin on June 21.

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