Weed Life

Life With Legal Weed

A conversation with middle-aged moms, homeless men, and college kids about post-prohibition in Boulder, Colorado.

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Weed Around the World

If someone came up to you and asked: where is the best weed in the world, how would you answer? Presumably, you would respond with one of the classics, a pioneer state with regard to legalization: Colorado or Washington.



Open Opportunities

As more states legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use, companies invest in products to capitalize on the green.


Just Say No to Small Marijuana Stocks

Given the title of yesterday’s Market Musings piece and the subject of today’s, you, dear reader, could be forgiven for thinking that I have some kind of a drug problem. I can assure you that I don’t. I just have a problem with some drug stocks, both the non-conventional and more traditional.




Legislative Loophole Lets Welfare Recipients Buy Cannabis

If you have been reading the news, then you have probably heard about a growing controversy regarding food stamp recipients and cannabis in Colorado. According to CBS News, recipients of welfare and food stamps can use their EBT cards to withdraw money in marijuana dispensaries and buy marijuana.