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Shops Open

State’s First Legal Marijuana Shops Open for Business

State’s First Legal Marijuana Shops Open for Business

SEATTLE — Pot shops opened to long lines Tuesday as Washington became the second state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Hundreds of Albanian Police Capture Village After Heavy Weaponry Attack by Marijuana Growers

TIRANA, Albania (AP) — Hundreds of Albanian police, backed by armored vehicles, stormed a lawless southern village Monday after suspected marijuana growers allegedly fired rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and machine guns at officers during a drug raid.

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Weed Around the World

If someone came up to you and asked: where is the best weed in the world, how would you answer? Presumably, you would respond with one of the classics, a pioneer state with regard to legalization: Colorado or Washington.


2016 RNC Bid: Is Legal Marijuana Denver’s Elephant in the Room?

There’s no escaping Colorado’s status as the poster child for legal recreational marijuana when visitors come to town, even — or especially — when Denver is trying to sell itself as the perfect site for a national political convention.


Colorado Passes Landmark Cannabis Banking Bill

You may not have noticed on Friday, June 6, 2014, but Colorado took another big step towards legitimizing the marijuana industry; Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law a bill that will give cash-only cannabis businesses access to basic banking services through the creation of non-insured cooperatives.


Growing Out of Pot Investment Anxiety

Many venture capitalists are still nervous about investing in marijuana, despite a legal market estimated at $1.44 billion. Worries range from DEA enforcement action to scalability to a general squeamishness about “sin products.” A realistic way to take the risk/reward problem apart may be to look at the industry as a collection of mini-markets, each with unique characteristics.


Ten Tips for Raising Start-Up Funding in the Cannabis Industry

As we’ve previously discussed, investors have taken an interest in canna-business start-ups in recent years. Venture capitalists (VCs) and angel investors are recognizing the industry’s profitability and have begun funding legal cannabis companies.


Wealthy Investors Meet with Marijuana Startups in Denver

More than 200 high net worth investors from around the world eager to invest in the fast-growing legal marijuana industry will gather at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Grand Seawell Ballroom for a Shark Tank-like pitch forum on Monday, June 23rd hosted by The ArcView Investor Network.


Pot Stock Caution: Prudence Required

Every day investors look at their stocks and wonder: is this going to be the next big thing? When you are researching potential stocks to buy, it is only natural for your eyes to light up when you see a cannabis-related stock. You may initially think, “Oh boy, this stock is going to be huge!” Don’t let yourself be fooled.


When It Comes to Marijuana, Many VCs Still Won’t Inhale

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs love to beat their chests about how disruptive they are. As the trope goes, they’re fearless about betting on the next far-out idea, whether it’s driverless cars, private space flight or the Airbnb of parking spots.


Pot For Pets: Not Just a Pet Lover’s Venture

Some people love their pets so much that they pamper their pets with pet spas or luxury pet hotels. They’ll take them to pet therapists to work on their attachment issues, and dress them in couture fashion. There is a pet equivalent for almost every human product you can imagine, and now there’s even an emerging market of medical marijuana for pets.

Green Hope

Cannabis Needs to Go Green

There are very few things that are a given these days; in an age of cynicism we cling to the few things that still make sense. One of those things we take for granted or just assume is that cannabis users are all environmentally friendly, and that those that grow cannabis try to stay as green as possible when growing it.


Will Senate Defund DEA Raids?

In the wee hours of Friday, May 30, 2014, the U.S. House of Representatives approved an amendment to an appropriations bill that medical marijuana proponents hope will stop the Drug Enforcement Administration raids of businesses operating legally under state medical marijuana laws.

Vote on MMJ

Anti-Pot Republicans Forsake Federalism In Medical Marijuana Vote

Early this morning, by a vote of 219 to 189, the House of Representatives approved an amendment aimed at stopping federal interference with state laws that “authorize the use, distribution, possession, or cultivation of medical marijuana.”

CBD-Only Trend

CBD-Only States: A Growing National Trend

The monumental moment of marijuana legalization in Washington and Colorado was a huge step for acceptance nationwide, but under the radar there is another story silently sweeping the nation. Across the United States, state legislatures appear to be easing their restrictions on marijuana and allowing some medicinal use.


The Rise of ‘Weed Inc.’

About $1.5 billion a year already — but most of that is from medical marijuana. First legally approved for medical uses in California in 1996, pot is available on prescription in 20 states and the District of Columbia, to relieve pain in conditions ranging from cancer to “writer’s cramp.” So even before Jan. 1, 2014, known as “Legal Day One,” more than 2.5 million Americans carrying special cards could buy weed from licensed dispensaries.

outside the box interview

Outside the Box: Businesses Creating New Markets

On this edition of Tomorrow’s Business Today, David Friedman from [MJI News] reveals new ways to invest outside the box. Also joining the program are Adam Justice and Mike Justice from ConnectSense who chat about new developments in Security apps.


Safety and Risk in Marijuana’s Market

The pot industry is today’s hottest new investment, but it is far less regulated than the pharmaceutical industry of the ‘80s. Not to be a buzzkill, but lab testing and safety regulation is something you need to examine carefully before backing any marijuana enterprise.


Florida Making Moves for Marijuana

If legalization’s success in Colorado has taught us anything, it’s that pot = profit. Now that the numbers are rolling in, many states are eyeing some form of legalization as well. Florida is one of those states that are on track to usurping Colorado’s Kush Crown. Florida is poised to become the new capital of the “Green Economy.”


This Bud’s For You—Illinoisans harvest legalized marijuana investment tips

April brings May flowers-and activity to legalize medical marijuana in Illinois. Last month, the state released regulations on legal medical use that were addressed at hearings held in early May. By mid-month, the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) posted an update at www.mpp.org/states/illinois/ on new bills (HB 5708, HB 4299, HB 4091) designed to move medical marijuana implementation forward in Illinois.

Pot Banking

Pot Law and Pot Banking

Support for some form of legalization seems pretty broad, even if the coalition is strangely assembled of aging hippies, parents seeking medical treatment for desperately ill children and libertarians. The laws of the 23 states (including the District of Columbia), that permit some legal use of marijuana also protect different activities.

Epilepsy Study on Medical Marijuana

Epilepsy Study Examines Medical Marijuana

The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) disputes medical marijuana’s effectiveness in Medical News Today (MNT) on April 29, 2014. AAN did a comprehensive study regarding the beneficial use of marijuana based on all available evidence. While the study agreed that marijuana is a beneficial treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS), it concluded that there is not enough evidence to declare it beneficial medical treatment for epilepsy, Huntington’s disease, Tourette syndrome or cervical dystonia.


Bureau of Reclamation Debates Pot’s Water

Breaking news potentially affecting marijuana investors is that bureau officials are “evaluating how the controlled substances act applies in the context of reclamation project water being used to facilitate marijuana-related activities,” according to Peter Soeth, a spokesman for the bureau.


‘Cannabis College’ Students Banking on Medical Marijuana

TAMPA, FL - When you think about a college degree you think of things like economics, communications or poli sci. But a group of students in Tampa is learning something that right now is actually illegal to do in the State of Florida.


FBI May Go Softer on Pot

Current FBI Policy holds that the Bureau stands for a drug free society and workplace. This means that anybody who has smoked pot in the past three years (or used any other illegal drug including anabolic steroids in the past ten) does not even make it to an interview. Self-acknowledged pot smokers like Steve Jobs, Carl Sagan or Francis Crick may not have been interested in working for the FBI; however, the FBI may well have wanted such employees had they realized the benefits.


Green Pharma

Genifer Murray’s path to the pot industry was an unlikely one. After graduating with a degree in microbiology, she spent two less-than-fulfilling decades working in corporate sales. But three years ago, a random conversation in a bar about medical marijuana testing awakened her inner scientist.


Insurance to Cover Medical Marijuana?

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has faced conservative opposition ever since the subject first cropped up. Despite that, it is in place and moving along quite nicely, at least for now. A similar amount of opposition has confronted the campaign for medical marijuana. Until recently, issues regarding the ACA and medical marijuana have remained separate, which is best for both; however, new reports have highlighted that issues of insurance and medical marijuana are intersecting.

New Mexico

New Mexico Proposes New Marijuana Policy

New Mexico’s Department of Health would like to charge an annual $50 for patients to renew their registry ID cards. However, the proposal to triple annual licensing fees to a maximum of $90,000 for each producer seems high, even though the new regulations would allow each producer to have 300 seedlings in addition to 150 mature plants.