Open Mic Night at the Cannabis Comedy Club


By Charles Roques

Well, we made it another year in the legal cannabis sector. Companies imploding, heads rolling, you had to have strong conviction to stay in this sector as an individual investor, but you also had to have a sense of humor. Sometimes it seemed like open mic night at the comedy club … you know, not always very funny. As the year ends and we think back about the lows and highs, we are still scratching our heads about the groaners we had to endure while sitting in the audience.

One of the first things you notice on amateur night is that the comedians seem to have come out of nowhere and haven’t polished their acts very well, but it can be rough up there if you’re one of the acts. You try to be sympathetic to the new stand-ups. I felt sorry for one cannabis comedian who tried to make jokes about a joint venture, backed by antsy, impatient financiers. He managed to to save it though with a great one-liner about the partnership: “the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of their parts.” It cracked me up.

Some of the humor is unintended or ironic like the cannabis dispensary located in Downer’s Grove, Illinois. And puns can be good for a laugh, like the “riggers” of financing.

Got the munchies? At the vending machine, one company was offering cannabis-infused chocolates based on popular songs. That’s a riot. I hope it doesn’t start offering Genesis songs, especially after all those fans asked Phil Collins not to come out of retirement.

And of course there is always the raunchy act trying to make us laugh about buying shares in a company when the CEO is in bend-over mode with the financiers. That got a great guffaw from the table full of convertible stock shareholders.

Some jokes are so long and convoluted that you just don’t get them. Those can make you regret paying the admission price. Not having share value is bad enough, but no entertainment value either? Sometimes we are laughing to keep from crying.

Speaking of comedy, Margaret Cho just announced a new series about a reforming addict moving in with her dysfunctional family who now runs a cannabis dispensary. It certainly sounds appropriate for this sector, but it is difficult to decide whether that’s because of the product being sold or the dysfunctional family or both.

Am I thinking about returning to this club next year? Definitely! I hear they may book some serious acts in 2016.

From the Budding Investor, best wishes however you celebrate! May 2016 be full of laughter for another reason. It has been a pleasure writing this column and observing the sector’s excitement this year and that’s not a joke.

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