Hemp’s Versatility Invites Opportunity

By Marisa DeZara

Many people are aware of the benefits that THC and CBD provide, but hemp is something that has yet to be examined on a larger scale. Hemp, which comes from the same plant as marijuana-Cannabis Sativa L-is commonly used for industrial and commercial purposes. In this way, the entirety of the marijuana plant could potentially go to use, not only for its medicinal properties, but for textiles, food and various other materials. Its versatility is amazing.

According to Hempethics, “hemp fibre is the longest, strongest and most durable of all natural fibres. Hemp cultivation requires no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides.” In addition, “hemp farming is completely sustainable.” If this is true, then hemp is the way of the future. After all, it was the way of our past, as America’s founding fathers, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, grew hemp.

Evidently, things have changed and the environment’s natural resources are depleting like never before. As a collective, we live as though there will be another Earth to fall back on once this one is gone. There is little debate within the community at large that a more sustainable means of agricultural production needs to be implemented.

From an environmentalist perspective, the hemp plant’s ability to thrive without chemicals, pesticides or herbicides, as well as its recyclability, screams progression. Is hemp the way of the future? Hempethics certainly thinks so, as it provides cannabis hemp enthusiasts with vital information regarding the environmentally-friendly nature of this plant.

Put some Hempethics in your pipe and smoke it:

  • “Cannabis Hemp can replace any of the products made from timber. No more forests would be needlessly wasted. This would save precious resources and renew the ecosystems.”
  • “One acre of Cannabis Hemp can produce 1000 gallons of methanol in a single growing season. Any CO2 released from burning Cannabis Hemp would be the same CO2 the plant had already taken from the environment, creating what is called a closed carbon cycle. A closed carbon cycle system of energy production would slow down the effects of global warming, and with well-implemented plant growth could possibly stop global warming entirely. No other plant on earth could meet the needs of global energy consumption, but Cannabis Hemp could.”
  • “Cannabis Hemp can produce a clean-burning, energy efficient form of gasoline, with less cost to the consumer.”
  •  There are cars that run entirely on hemp. Don’t believe me? Check out hempcar.org

In addition to hemp usage on an industrial scale, its commercial value is beneficial beyond belief. Hemp can be eaten, and its health effects are fantastic. According to Living Harvest, hemp seeds provide whole nutrition in the form of “good fats.” Hemp contains super omegas, which “help the body convert the benefits of Omega-3 & Omega-6 EFA’s more efficiently.” What does this mean exactly? Essentially, hemp seeds provides a natural health booster, one that nearly every other common seed fails to provide.

On September 19, 2014, a press release for Medical Marijuana Inc.’s newest launch appeared on CNN. This launch is for CBD-rich hemp oil infused natural products for both human and pet nutrition retailing. The emergence of aNew Brands “reflects the resurgence of hemp in the domestic and global economies,” according to Andrew Hard, Director of Public Relation for HempMeds.

aNew products promote the health benefits of hemp, as each product incorporates hemp in some form. For human consumption, aNew products include whole food bars as well as CBD capsules and squirts. For pets, aNew has created pet enzymes, pet probiotics and pet-safe hemp oil.

Hemp, as examined throughout the course of history, has the ability to provide sustainable material goods for humans, and now pets, around the globe. Agricultural and commercial production of hemp is on the forefront of coming full circle, as the legalization of marijuana has allowed for this change. It’s a fact: the benefits of this plant are unparalleled.

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