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Silicon Valley Investors Are Finally Getting Marijuana Religion

Silicon Valley Investors Are Finally Getting Marijuana Religion

When three Colorado marijuana entrepreneurs made a presentation to 40 Silicon Valley investors last year, it was as though they were discussing something dirty.

VCs Invested in Cannabis

Venture Capitalists Invested Over $215 Million in Cannabis Companies in 2015

On Feb. 29, 2016, CB Insights released a report on venture capital investments in the legal cannabis industry for 2015. According to the report, VCs invested in 98 cannabis-related deals in 2015, totaling $215.2 million.

Lori Ferrara

Investor Dispatch: Lori Ferrara Trailblazing in the Marijuana Industry

Lori Ferrara wasn’t deterred when she walked into her first ArcView meeting and found herself the only female investor among 80 men. She recalls being a little intimidated but took them on “one-by-one” and ended up being the organization’s first female investor.


Investor Dispatch: Steven Trenk at the Vanguard of Legal Marijuana

Steven Trenk entered this industry with more than just a simple interest in marijuana as a market opportunity; he entered as an early adopter with the professional experience to chart his course in legal marijuana.

Fred Gross and Cannafundr

Fred Gross and Cannafundr Raising Cannabis Capital

Every industry is only as strong as the connection between the capital needed to grow and maintain it, and the companies themselves, who allocate that capital to expand new markets, lower costs, add services and improve product offerings.

Market Size

New Report: Marijuana Revenue by State is Between $50-$60 Billion

Marijuana Investor News estimates total related product sales to be between $50 and $60 billion in the United States. In a new report released on September 26, 2014, MJIN estimates the current market size for U.S. marijuana revenue by state.