Wana Brands Forms Partnership with CWNevada


LAS VEGAS, Dec. 2, 2015 /Weed Wire/ — Wana Brands, a leading producer of infused products in Colorado, is expanding into Nevada through a partnership with CWNevada, a vertically integrated cannabis company operating in Pahrump and Las Vegas, Nevada, devoted to supplying, producing and distributing high quality cannabis and well-known medically infused products across the state.

The partnership will make Wana’s popular marijuana-infused products available in the Silver State by early 2016.

“Wana Brands is already one of the largest infused products companies in Colorado so our partnership with CWNevada is a natural and exciting next step in the expansion of our brand,” said Nancy Whiteman, Co-Founder, Wana Brands. “CWNevada’s expertise in growing, distribution, and state of the art manufacturing facilities, combined with Wana’s cannabis products, makes this partnership the perfect union.

In addition to offering Wana products to their own patients, CWNevada will make the Wana brand available to dispensaries throughout Nevada.”

“We are really looking forward to introducing Wana’s products to Nevada. We think that the great taste, consistency and care that goes into Wana products will quickly make the brand a huge hit in Nevada,” said Jason Thompson, President, CWNevada.

CWNevada aims to be the largest supplier of medically infused cannabis products and has taken a visionary approach to offer the top medically infused cannabis products to patients. Partner companies were hand-picked by the executive staff from CWNevada to ensure that only the best, highest quality brands are offered to any Nevada dispensary.

Patients are the ultimate beneficiary of the pioneering approach, which has never been done in the cannabis industry until now. With the CWNevada badge, patients statewide know that the highest quality of product is the end result.

“Our objective has always been to provide delicious and consistent products to our customers,” Whiteman continued. “We look forward to partnering with leaders in states where cannabis is legal to provide the same level of our marijuana-infused products as we do in Colorado, including our edibles, drink mixes, and our new extended release WanaCapsXR.”

Wana Brands is available in over 400 of the 480 dispensaries in Colorado, and will also be available in Oregon in early 2016. Wana Edibles’ incredible line-up of the world’s most delicious cannabis edibles include Sour Gummies, Wana Rolls, Classic Caramels, Wana Jewels, Cinnamints, Hot Cocoa and Drink Mixes.

As Wana expands, two new product lines have been added: Wana Extracts and Wana Medicinals. Wana Extracts offers a full range of concentrates including all styles of hash and vape oil.

The company recently partnered with Cannabics Pharmaceuticals to launch WanaCapsXR, the world’s first slow release cannabis capsule, into the market with great success. WanaCapsXR offers two high CBD formulations, which use CBD oil from Colorado grown, organic hemp to ensure top quality and safety.

**Product photos available upon request.**

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About Wana Brands
Wana Brands leads the Colorado’s edibles and medical marijuana industry in quality, consistency and potency. Since 2010, Wana has made marijuana infused products including a full line of edibles, custom hash, vape oil, and now WanaCapsxr, a family of extended release cannabis capsules that provide medicinal benefits for up to 12 hours. For more information, visit www.wanaedibles.com. Become a fan of Wana on Facebook. Follow Wana on Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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