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Colorado’s Retail Marijuana Edibles Get New Stamps

In Colorado, a diamond stamp with “! THC” or “! THC M” must appear on edible marijuana products beginning Oct. 1, 2016. The labeling is part of a new round of regulations, including the banishment of the words “candy” and “candies” from packaging of marijuana-based foods, according to an article at The Cannabist.


Massachusetts Legalization Debate Centers on Edibles

As Massachusetts residents mull their upcoming votes on a November ballot question that could legalize recreational marijuana, the public debate is centering on edibles. A group of Massachusetts state senators recently took a trip to Colorado, where marijuana edibles that look like gummy bears, fruits and animals have been outlawed.


Mountain High Suckers Issues Major Product Recall

On Dec. 30, 2015, the city of Denver announced that Mountain High Suckers, a Denver-based manufacturer of marijuana-infused products, voluntarily recalled almost 100,000 units after product samples tested positive for potentially unsafe levels of pesticide residues.