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Marijuana 101

If you want to enter the legal marijuana space, then get to know Marijuana 101. When investors and entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of cannabis, they empower their possibilities in the industry.

Marijuana 101 is a series of articles intended to educate potential investors and entrepreneurs in the basics of cannabis. We will explore everything from marijuana’s history and biology, to cultivation and consumption, and beyond.

Optimistic investors and entrepreneurs don’t have to know how to cut clones or roll a cross joint to be successful in this industry, but they should know an indica from a sativa and that offering someone the green hit is a gift.

Those who pair their business intelligence with marijuana street smarts are more likely to attract quality partners than those who come bearing capital or concepts without understanding cannabis on its most basic levels.

Sound investments come from sound information. Marijuana 101 will give you practical plant knowledge so you can navigate the legal marijuana industry’s investment landscape. History will be the first field of study in the series, appearing April 9, 2015.

Caroline Cahill is the Managing Editor of MJINews. She earned her BA in Communications from College of Charleston and her MFA in Creative Writing from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has previously worked in higher education, development and radio. You can follow her on Twitter @CtheresaC.

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