Hocking College Offering to Serve as Medical Cannabis Testing Site for State of Ohio

Hocking College

NELSONVILLE, Ohio, Sept. 5, 2017 /Weed Wire/ – Hocking College is announcing its intention to fulfill Ohio law as the research facility for the State of Ohio’s Medical Cannabis testing laboratory.

“The decision to lead this medical cannabis lab effort was not based on the merits or lack of merits regarding cannabis,” stated Dr. Betty Young, President of Hocking College. “The state legislators made a decision on the subject. Our goal is to partner with the State of Ohio to fulfill the legislative mandate contained in HB 523 that specifically requires an Institute of Higher Education serve as the lab testing site.”

“In addition to the legislative mandate, Hocking College’s role will be to ensure public safety by providing the necessary lab services that will assure access to a safe medical product to the citizens of Ohio,” said Young, “The research and academic potential of serving as the lab testing site will support the kind of hands on, high tech training that is the hallmark of Hocking College.”

Hocking College is currently developing comprehensive laboratory science curriculum that will include tracks in medical laboratory technician, forensics and chemical laboratory science.

The College is working with Dr. Jonathan Cachat to develop the laboratory science curricula, undergraduate research, and serve as the director of the testing lab.
Hocking College will create an endowment to provide the funds for laboratory equipment, renovation and initial operations. The lab will provide more than a dozen new jobs for the local community.

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