Growblox Sciences, Inc. Announces The Opening Of Its First Medical Marijuana Dispensary: “Showgrow” In Las Vegas, Nevada


LAS VEGAS, June 28, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — Growblox Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) is pleased to announce the Grand Opening on Friday, June 24, 2016, of Showgrow, a medical marijuana dispensary located at 4850 S. Fort Apache Rd in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Growblox has secured 20% of the dispensary shelf space of Showgrow for the exclusive display and marketing of its diverse cannabis strains.  Growblox also has certain rights through Showgrow to make home deliveries of its products.  Growblox owns a 10% interest in GBS Nevada Partners LLC (“Nevada Partners”), which wholly owns Showgrow.

Nevada Partners contracted with GreenLight District Holdings, LLC, an industry leading dispensary operator, to manage the daily operations of Showgrow.

Growblox Board of Director Leslie Bocskor comments, “We are very excited that Growblox is entering the Nevada retail market, as we know local population and visitors are at the global crossroads of product awareness, efficacy, and best standards of operations.”

Growblox Founder and CIO Craig Ellins said, “The smooth design and construction of Showgrow affirms our judgment in choosing the prominent local business people who own the majority of and manage Nevada Partners.  Their dedication and expertise enables Growblox to have a secure distribution channel while pursuing our ultimate goals of developing and patenting medicines derived from cannabis that can benefit millions of patients around the world.”

Nevada Partners Manager Jim Meservey said, “It is extremely gratifying to have successfully completed the laborious process of regulatory compliance and careful construction that enabled us to open our state of the art facility today.  We look forward to the opportunity to prominently display and market Growblox products and believe that Growblox’s cannabis formulations will be game-changers.”

Growblox CEO John Poss said, “This milestone ensures that the Company has a major Las Vegas distribution channel for our soon to open 28,000 sq. ft. cannabis cultivation facility in Las Vegas. Our Nevada Partners have done a magnificent job in building out a first class facility, Showgrow, in an excellent location, and we are quite certain that this facility will be a success from day one and for the foreseeable future.”

About Growblox Sciences, Inc.
Growblox Sciences, Inc. (GBLX) is a diverse cannabis company, focused on cultivation as well as biopharmaceutical research and development. The Company’s goal is creating safe, standardized, pharmaceutical-grade, cannabinoid therapies that target a variety of medical conditions. To learn more about Growblox Sciences, Inc., go to: 

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3550 West Teco Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89118
866-721-0297, or
Liz Bianco Publicity Director, [email protected],
Investors: John Poss, [email protected]

Showgrow/GBS Nevada Partners, LLC
Jim Meservey, Nevada Partners Manager, [email protected]

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