GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. Announces Exclusive Rights To Kyle Kushman’s Cannabis Brands, Strains And Genetics In The State Of Nevada

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LAS VEGAS, June 7, 2016 /Weed Wire/ — GrowBLOX Sciences, Inc. (OTCQB: GBLX) announces the execution of an agreement with Kyle Kushman, Kushman Brands and Genetics LLC, and its affiliate Karma Consulting (collectively, “Kushman”).  Pursuant to the agreement, GrowBLOX and its subsidiary GB Sciences Nevada, LLC (dba “Cultivation Labs”) will have exclusive rights in Nevada to Kushman’s cannabis brands, strains and genetics.  Kushman also will advise GB Sciences’ Cultivation Labs on the expansion of its cannabis cultivation facility in Las Vegas, as well as operating processes and procedures based on Kushman’s methods and unique Veganic growing techniques.

Kyle Kushman ( is one of the most well-known and award winning cannabis cultivators in the world.  He has won 13 Cannabis Cup High Times awards, the “Oscar” of the Cannabis industry.  Kyle brings all of his diverse and award-winning strains to GB Sciences’ Cultivation Labs, including Strawberry Cough, Cherry Cough, Adonai OG, Silverback Grape Ape, Starberry, KK Stardawg and Jurassic Haze strains.  Kyle’s Veganic method of growing has been described as the next step in “organic” cultivation and has been shown to produce some of the cleanest and most efficacious cannabis in the marketplace.

GrowBLOX Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Craig Ellins said, “The cannabis world knows about the amazing marijuana products created by Kyle Kushman, particularly his ‘Vegamatrix’ line of vegan and organic nutrients – the only nutrients capable of nurturing the cleanest and purest cannabis possible.  When one combines Kushman’s 30 years of experience and expertise and demonstrably superior nutrients with our innovative tissue culturing technology, the result can only be the best and most consistent pesticide free, natural medical marijuana products ever produced from the cannabis plant.”

GrowBLOX CEO, John Poss said, “This is a major win for medical marijuana patients in Nevada and a homerun for our shareholders.  The exclusive on his brands together with his cultivation design expertise and his Vegamatrix nutrients will clearly give us a competitive advantage in Nevada.  The eight strains he brings will complement perfectly the over 20 strains that GB Sciences has developed to offer a wide variety of treatment options to marijuana patients. This deal positions us perfectly in the medical cannabis market, but also gives us a strong position in the soon to come recreational market, which is expected to be created by a proposition vote in November of this year.”

Kushman said, “I feel that my expertise paired with the labs and systems put in place by GrowBLOX is a dream come true. Using artisanal techniques to take medical cannabis to its highest level, we are going to produce the highest quality Veganic cannabis for Nevada medical marijuana patients.”

GrowBLOX Chief Science Officer, Dr. Andrea Small-Howard, said, “The Kushman brands and genetics are among the best-known in the world among both personal and commercial growers of the cannabis plant. Growing Kushman strains in our Cultivation Labs facility in Las Vegas and using their proven cultivation methods should ensure the superior productivity, high potency and clean test results afforded by the organic nutrients in the Vegamatrix line.”

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