The 11 Cannabis Strain Names Now Prohibited in Oregon


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On Aug. 11, 2017, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission announced that it had issued a clarification on prohibited cannabis strain names in the state. The rules are intended to prevent strain names from appealing to minors and from misleading consumers.

The OLCC has put the prohibited strain names in three distinct categories: strains named after children’s toys or characters; strains named after children’s food products; and strains with misleading names.

While the OLCC did not provide a complete list of prohibited cannabis strain names, here are 11 strain names that are not allowed:

1. Incredible Hulk
2. Ewok
3. Optimus Prime
4. Light Saber
5. Any Girl Scout Cookie - Dosidos, Thin Mints, etc.
6. Frosted Flakes
7. Lucky Charms
8. Skittles
9. Green Crack
10. Opium
11. Special K

According to BDS Analytics, Girl Scout Cookies was the sixth most popular strain sold in Oregon in 2016 as far as sales were concerned.

It’s important to note that the actual strains themselves aren’t banned, but rather their names, so licensees may be able to use abbreviations or nicknames as replacements as long as they don’t violate the strain name rules.

Considering the OLCC’s update is intended to act as guidance for labeling and advertising, one can assume that strain names like Animal Cookies or Wonder Woman would also fall under the prohibited list.

Beyond providing its guidance on cannabis strain names, the OLCC issued an updated packaging and labeling guide for medical and recreational cannabis as well as a guide to the package and label pre-approval process.

The permanent cannabis labeling rules went into effect on May 31, 2017.

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