Canadian Mental Health Association Wants Restraints on Recreational Marijuana

Flickr / Morag Riddell / CC BY 2.0

On Aug. 14, 2017, the Ontario chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association released a report that calls for wide ranging rules and restrictions to be placed on the province’s recreational marijuana market once it becomes legal in 2018.

The nearly 20-page report, titled Cannabis Legalization and Regulation, recommends implementing restrictions on THC levels in marijuana products and a dispensary training requirement. The report also calls for limits to be placed on marijuana advertising in a manner similar to tobacco.

“The risk is that legalization of cannabis may lead to an increase in use among Ontarians,” said Camille Quenneville, CEO of CMHA Ontario, in a press release. “When taken together our recommendations can minimize the harms associated with cannabis use and support a public health approach to this issue.”

In addition to advocating for market restrictions, the report proposed common sense solutions to marijuana regulation, such as establishing a Cannabis Control Board and ensuring reasonable marijuana prices to deter sales on the black market.

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