BioTrackTHC Successfully Launches Private Traceability System to Preserve the WA State Cannabis Industry

Universal Cannabis System Contract with BiotrackTHC

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 13, 2017 /Weed Wire/ — BioTrackTHC, in cooperation with several competitors and Washington State’s cannabis industry at large, has successfully deployed the Universal Cannabis System (UCS), a statewide seed-to-sale cannabis tracking system that is preserving the industry while awaiting the delayed delivery of the new official system. Over 1,600 of the 1,700 cannabis licensees in Washington State are now exchanging seed-to-sale data with each other through the UCS, and the UCS has already submitted over 39,000 individual excel spreadsheets to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) on behalf of those licensees during the first twelve (12) days of Washington’s manual spreadsheet reporting period.

BioTrackTHC provided Washington State’s cannabis traceability system for four years and the contract expired on November 1, 2017. After the WSLCB announced that their replacement system would not be ready in time and that the only other option was for all 1,700 licensees to submit their seed-to-sale data via manual spreadsheets, BioTrackTHC created the UCS—a privatized clone of the government system—within a few days and deployed it minutes after the termination of the old system to minimize the impact on all licensees.

“After the WSLCB’s announcement, we knew that we had only a few days to provide a universal system to which the whole industry could submit compliance data and enable communication across the supply chain between licensees and their seed-to-sale system,” said Patrick Vo, BioTrackTHC’s CEO. “Our priority was to ensure that licensees could continue to operate in the absence of a government seed-to-sale system. Not having that system in place could have left Washington licensees vulnerable to noncompliance in a variety of ways, not to mention the potentially crippling volume of extra work needed to manually track a business’ entire inventory.”

The UCS not only saves BioTrackTHC customers from having to manually generate spreadsheets and send them to the WSLCB, but BioTrackTHC has also agreed to allow 3rd party software competitors to submit data to the system on behalf of their customers. The following direct competitors of BioTrackTHC are integrated and operating on the UCS; WeedTraQR, GrowFlow, Mr. Kraken, TraceWeed, GreenBits, S2Solutions, and DopePlow.

Because it could not be guaranteed that the UCS would work smoothly at the start, given the extremely short timeframe, BioTrackTHC announced that it would provide access to the UCS at no cost to the licensees and to its direct competitors for the month of November. Starting December, businesses will need to pay $50 per month per license to cover BioTrackTHC’s hosting and maintenance costs of the UCS. Some seed-to-sale software providers, including BioTrackTHC and GrowFlow, have offered to cover these costs on behalf of all of their customers. Through this innovation and uncommon collaboration, BioTrackTHC and the competitors previously listed believe that the UCS is the best possible outcome given the situation.

“Without this system hundreds of businesses, thousands of employees would have had a huge labor burden when selling their materials through the supply chain. That increased labor burden would have cost everyone money, it could have forced prices up (in the short term) or worse it could have squeezed some businesses beyond the breaking point,” wrote David Busby, CEO and Founder of WeedTraQR, in a company-operated blog.

Although Washington State’s new government traceability system is expected to deploy in early January, BioTrackTHC is able to, and will continue to, operate the UCS for as long as necessary.

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